Congratulations to the outgoing and incoming boards for their perseverance and their enactment of participatory democracy at its best!!

"We shall have to learn to use moral energy to put a new sort of force into the world and believe that it is a vital thing—the only thing, in this moment of sorrow and death and destruction that will heal the world..."

Jane Addams the closing of the 1919 International Congress of Women, Zurich

Dear WILPF Members: 

Every spring my spirit pushes up through the hardened layers of stories of injustice and wars, poverty and oppression, inhumanity and vitriol. Every spring hope pushes up her shoots in nicely tended gardens, through cracks and crevices in urban sidewalks, and along the banks of polluted waters. This spring was like none other I can remember. The very fact our members had a chance to vote, and real choices for National Board positions, gave a sense of exhilaration and renewed energy. What we do with that energy is up to us all.  

During our first new board meeting/phone conference, I had the Addams quote propped up on my desk as the new board members introduced themselves and their vision for the coming year(s). One phrase stood out to me as a mandate entrusted to us as a board and as members of WILPF US in general: " learn to use moral energy to put a new sort of force into the world..." We can learn from our fellow board members and from our members, but only if we have open minds and hearts, only if we think critically about issues and not personalities.

I have every belief that this new board has come to the table in good faith. But like any belief or aspiration, it will be tested against the results. This spring offers us an opportunity for reimagining possibilities for creating a community structure built on trust and respect. I look forward to us planning and building the architecture for the next 100 years. 

Come join with us!

Mary Hanson Harrison

President, WILPF-US 

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." 

Martin Luther King, Jr.