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February 13, 2015

Hello! This is a short message/reminder from the Prez Corner... more later this month!


In an associated event, in New York City, on March 11, 2015 (5:00 to 7:30 pm), we will observe WILPF's 100th anniversary at the New York Public Library: Celebrating !00 Years of Women Peacemakers. The library houses the unique Schwimmer-Lloyd Collection, a repository of early WILPF and WWI newspaper clippings, reports and photographs assembled by two pacifists and founding members of WILPF, Rosika Schwimmer of Hungary and Lola Maverick Lloyd of the US. Schwimmer and Lloyd sought to promote mediation and conciliation as an alternative to war, and their writings, along with many others', will be on display at the library. International WILPF Secretary-General Madeleine Rees will give a keynote address on current issues facing women in the Middle East. 


1. Spaces Left!
Firstly, there are spaces left for Congress, which means Registrations are now open to every Regular WILPF member. So if you aren't registered yet and want to be part of it, don't miss your chance to Register!

2. Congress Webpages
Second, we want to make sure all of you are aware we have and will be posting important Congress information on the
Anniversary Website, under the Congress Menu Button. We urge all of you to see what is there now and to keep an eye on it. Most importantly:

  • Congress Password:As we want to keep WILPF business ours some Congress pages are behind a password. That password is always 'centennialcongress15'.
  • Essential Readings: Most important is for you to have a look at our Essential Readings Page. As delegates especially you are expected to read all relevant documents on that page to prepare for the Congress. This is important for you to be able to know about WILPF's activities and to make informed decisions at Congress.
  • Programme: The Essential Readings include the Congress Programme, which we expect you to be familiar with. A more detailed version will be uploaded still before the Congress.
  • ExCom Nominees
  • As most of you know, the Congress is where we elect a new Executive Committee, to serve until the next Congress. We have worked hard to get you some information on each candidate running this year, so you can be an informed voter. We hope you will take a little time to get to know each of them, to help ensure we have the best ExCom possible taking us into our 2nd centennial. Please find the ExCom Nominee Page here.
  • Please keep in mind the Congress practice of print and bring, meaning you are required to print and bring all relevant documents to the Congress yourself. We will not be printing any of the relevant documents for anyone.

3. Practicals
Third, we'd like to clarify expectations on making practical arrangements for attending the Congress. Unlike previous years, those organising the Congress are also dealing with organising the enormous International Conference this year, which is taking up a huge amount of resources and time. For that reason, we will not be able to support you as much in making practical arrangements as perhaps you might expect. We will do as much as we can in posting useful information for you on the website, but we expect all of you, either individually or as Sections, to manage your own travels.

  • Accommodation: We have found a number of hotels and hostels for you in the area, visit our Accommodations page to see them. Keep in mind, we are offering special hostel discounts and reserved hotel spaces there that you can only use via our website, so please have good look there.
  • Flights: We have also arranged a number of discounts on certain flights to The Hague. Again, these can only be accessed through our Flights Page.
  • Local Transport/Information: We will upload information to the website soon on how to get around in The Hague, use public transport, participate in day trips, and other relevant information for your travels. 
4. Side Rooms
Finally, we are offering meeting spaces during the Congress in the Peace Palace to all working groups, committees, regional groups, networks, or any other group that would like to meet privately. We ask you to please let us know if you'd like to book such a room so we can coordinate. If you do not book in advance we cannot guarantee you a space. The deadline for you to book is February 28th. Please find the Room Booking Page here.

Finally, we want to thank all who have been involved so far and have done so much already to make this Congress worthy of our Centennial. We very much look forward to meeting you all in The Hague. We hope this emails goes a long way in answering your Congress questions, but of course we're always here at to answer your others!

Mary Hanson Harrison
President, WILPF-US