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Mobilizing for Success in the November Election

California Cluster August 18 Focus on Ballot Props and Yes on Prop 37—Right to Know: Label Genetically Engineered Foods

By Ellen Schwartz, Sacramento Branch and Nancy Price, Earth Democracy Committee

WILPF California Cluster Meeting
Saturday, August 18, 9:30am-3:30pm
Southside Park Co-Housing Common House, 434 T Street, Sacramento 
Vegan lunch, suggested donation sliding scale $8-$12

Please let us know by August 13 how many people will be coming, your branch (if in a branch). For questions, contact: Ellen Schwartz, 916-369-5510 or cell: 916-835-4330 or email: wilpf@nicetechnology.com.


“WILPF – CA VOTE”: a new statewide WILPF committee to promote legislation and ballot measures, within the constraints of our 501(c)4 status. Acting together will maximize our effectiveness and enhance our image, helping to attract members, and providing a means for at-large members to become involved.

National News:

WILPF National Director of Operations Ria Kulenovic will be joining us, as will National Board Members Darien De Lu, Joan Bazar and Ellen Schwartz, and JAPA Co-President Sandy Silver. We will hear the latest from national WILPF and you will have a chance to discuss your concerns.  

The Earth Democracy and Corporations v. Democracy Leadership Teams urge you to join the California Proposition 37 Right to Know: Label Genetically Engineered Foods Campaign. The corporate person has no right to deny our “Right to Know.” A victory in California would be a huge blow to the biotech industry. Make it Happen—Join the Millions Against Monsanto and get out the vote on November 6th.

Read Ronnie Cummins Open Letter to the Organic Community: The California Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs.

Big Bully Monsanto is pouring hundreds of millions into the “No on 37” Campaign to defeat this citizens ballot initiative to have the freedom to choose what we buy and eat. Read who is supporting and opposing Prop. 37. If Prop 37 passes, Monsanto could not label products as “natural,” “naturally made,” or “naturally grown.”

Don’t take for granted that Prop 37 will easily pass in this consumer-smart state. Monsanto’s relentless, misleading TV and print ads that GMO labeling will hit our pocket-books with increased food prices, more government bureaucracy and taxpayer costs, new frivolous lawsuits, and costs for government enforcement could confuse voters. Read more...

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