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Act now to label GMO food in California

By Earth Democracy and WILPF California

As Nov. 6 nears, Monsanto adds another $2.9 million dollars to defeat California’s Proposition 37 to label genetically-engineered foods. This brings the total from pesticide and food companies to more than $32 million.

California WILPFers are supporting the Yes on 37 campaign with a voter guide and a half-hour video Do You Know What You Are Eating? Scientists employed by Monsanto, Dow and other corporations are altering the genetic makeup of food plants, usually to withstand heavy doses of pesticides that not only pollute our food, but our air, land and water. The video also offers tips on how to determine the safety of foods currently on store shelves.

What you can do:

  1. Host a house party to show and discuss the video. Order a copy (free to branches) or view on Youtube.
  2. Table at events and Farmers Markets. Here's a bookmark voter guide to selected CA propositions.
  3. Write a letter to the editor.  See info on latest study showing effects on rats fed GMO corn.
  4. Email and call friends and family in the state to vote "Yes on Prop 37." Show that people count more than corporate millions.
  5. Join WILPF’s Earth Democracy Committee by emailing to work with the Food Democracy/Local Economy Subcommittee.
We can win this with grassroots mobilization. There is no time to lose. A win in CA is a huge win for everyone in other states, where 19 efforts have been defeated in the past two years. This is our chance to join the 50 countries around the world where GMO labeling is required.

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