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WILPF U.S. Statement on Gaza - Request Support from the President, State Department, and Your Representatives!

We, the United States Section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF US) condemn Israel’s current ruthless attacks on Gaza; and condemn the US government for providing Israel with $3.1 billion a year in military aid that is frequently and routinely used against Palestinian citizens in Gaza.

We ask our members and supporters to take action by contacting the White House, the State Department, and individual Members of the House of Representatives and Senators. Click here to get to our action page to send letters through our online advocacy campaign system. It takes only a minute or two!

We urge the following actions to be taken immediately:

  • The US government must
    • persuade Israel to cease and desist its current deadly onslaught that is wantonly assaulting civilians with every move it makes against suspected “military targets” and support immediate efforts to begin negotiations between Israel and Gaza
    • investigate human rights abuses of the Palestinian people in Gaza by the Israeli military using weapons paid for by US taxpayers under terms of the US Arms Control Export Act
    • persuade Israel to cease and desist its current human rights abuses of the Palestinian people in Gaza under the Geneva Conventions and other international laws

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