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We Need Your Input on the Next WILPF US Membership Congress

Dear WILPF US Members and Friends,

What might you like to see for the next WILPF, US Section, Membership Congress? We are asking for your input and comments. Please send your input to nominations@wilpf.org no later than Friday, January 5. The national WILPF board hopes to make a decision on this matter when it meets by conference call on January 15, 2013. If you wish to participate in that meeting, please contact Ria at rkulenovic@wilpf.org for details.

In the last few decades, we've had such a Congress every three years, lasting 4–5 days, in various (rotating) parts of the U.S. The functions and activities for those congresses have varied over time. Our hope is that the next WILPF membership congress be welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to members who have diverse lifestyles and are at different places in their lives. To achieve that vision, we’d like your responses to the following questions. We also ask for your additional suggestions!

1) Three years from 2011, when we had a congress in Chapel Hill, will be 2014. Do you think a 2014 Congress a good idea for WILPF US?

In 2015, WILPF International will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. There is talk of a
special women's conference, in conjunction with or in place of the WILPF International
Congress scheduled for that year, to take place in The Hague, Netherlands. How could a 2014
WILPF US Congress build toward that event? Or should WILPF US focus on 100th anniversary
celebration/commemorations events in the US in 2015, rather than the 2014 Congress? What
ideas do you have?

2) If we do have a 2014 Congress for WILPF US, what form should it take? What do you think of these suggestions?

a) We're considering ways to reduce the "carbon footprint" resulting from the need for
transportation (flights) to our congresses, so what do you think of regional congresses? (Perhaps we could send a team of presenters to three or four locations, Lots of traveling for the
team, less traveling for everyone else.

b) Should we make the physical meeting(s) virtually accessible as well—via conference
call or home computer virtual meeting technology?

c) Should we shorten the Congress to 2 1/2 days (such as Fri. afternoon through Sun.
afternoon), to make it more affordable?

d) How about having a delegate structure at the congress, to make decisions about
program or other national matters. (What ideas do you have as to how to approach
representative delegates?)

3) What do you think of the idea of WILPF US replacing the triennial congress with an annual
meeting? These meetings would be much shorter—a couple of days or less—and, like the Congresses, would rotate to locations around the country, so more members might come from the local area. Would you be more likely to attend an annual meeting?

4) What other suggestions do you have for Congresses? Here are a few samples; please feel free to respond as to what you think of them or to offer your own ideas.

• Offer cheaper registration to first-time attendees or students.
• Pair off first-time or younger attendees with older member who could mentor the newer one.
• Provide incentive to branches to each send at least one person to the meeting.

Remember, we look forward to hearing from you at nominations@wilpf.org by Friday, January 11.

Please include with your response the following information:

  1. Are you a WILPF member?
  2. If yes
    a) for approximately how many years?
    b) do you relate to a specific branch?
    c) do you consider yourself an active member?
  3. How many WILPF US Congresses have you attended?

Thank you!

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