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We Must Derail Fast Track - So We Can Stop the TPP. Fast Track undermines our democracy and the authority of Congress. The Fast Track Vote in Congress may be the First Week of October.

Warn Your Family and Friends—Take Action

Sign the “Don’t renew ‘Fast Track” Authority Petition to Congress here

Make Your Voice Heard. At this point calling your Representatives and Senators will really make a difference. 

Want to Know where your Representatives and Senators stand? Go to this map. 

Call both your Representatives and your Senators in D.C. Find their office numbers here

If your Representative or Senator already opposes Fast Track, call to thank him or her. Also, write a short letter to the editor of your local paper as a public "thank you" and ask him/her to stand firm.

If your Representatives are undecided, make your voice heard and call both your Representatives and Senators in D.C.  Ask them to oppose “Fast Tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement.

If you would like more information on Fast Track and  the TPP read this short “Backgrounder” here and go to Expose the TPP or Flush the TPP.

Email your undecided Representative by clicking here.

                      Photo above: Banners hung from the Balcony of the US Chamber of Commerce building, Washington, DC.

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