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Stopping Fast Track is the first step to stopping the

Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP)

Please take action today to stop Congress from voting for Fast Track. 

This Wednesday (tomorrow, October 30) is the deadline for Congressional House members to sign on to a letter written by Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and George Miller (D-CA) to President Obama expressing opposition to “Fast Track,” aka Presidential Trade Promotion Authority, and concern over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. 

Fast Track, aka Presidential Trade Promotion Authority, expired July 2007 and now President Obama wants it restored. 

Some are saying that President Obama could submit a reauthorization request to Congress this week, so now it is time to speak up. 

Please call your Congressional Representative in D.C. to ask that he or she sign on to the DeLauro-Miller letter and stand firm against Congress giving up their Constitutional authority to oversee trade deals.  

Because the DeLauro-Miller letter deadline for signatures is this Wednesday and there could be a Fast Track vote this week, we ask that you take action today and call your Democratic Representative now. 

Click here for background and Talking Points on Fast Track. Then contact your Democractic Representative now. 


Find your Representative hereWe are not asking that you contact your Republican Representatives at this time. That strategy will come later when appropriate. 

Please join us in calling your Representative today:

Marybeth Gardam of Corporations v Democracy, 

Nancy Price of Earth Democracy, 

Nancy Abbey and other concerned WILPF-US members

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