Don't Betray Democracy! No "Fast Track" for the TPP!

by Nancy Price and Marybeth Gardam, Earth Democracy Leadership Team Members

The International League for Peace and Freedom US joins the more than fifty groups to “Stop Fast Track” and we say:

“We oppose Fast Track because it unconstitutionally silences the voices of men, women and children who will greatly suffer under the TPP. The TPP will limit access to safe water and food, affordable medicine, and well-paying jobs women need to provide for their families. Under the TPP, peace and freedom across the Pacific Rim will be impossible to achieve.

Read statements by many different social and environmental justice, peace, democracy, health, and labor groups.

For the next days until Friday, Jan. 31, these groups will be using to drive calls to Congress, create a media buzz to counter the extreme media blackout on Fast Track and the TPP, and support planned rallies and events on the ground. 

Together We Can Stop “Fast Track” 

CALL and EMAIL your senators and representative now. Don't let the corporate voice be louder than your voice!

After you have called your Senators and Representatives, here are specific actions to join the national chorus:
  • Pelosi hasn't come out publicly against the Baucus-Camp fast-track bill, so we need her to get off the fence, publicly oppose the bill, and use her leadership position to help stop it.  We have a call campaign to Pelosi with this ask, here.
  • There are 152 Democrats who sent letters to Obama late last year opposing fast track and the TPP. We're asking them to stay strong. CREDO has a call campaign to those Dems, here.
  • To the other Dems and bad Republicans, we need to make sure they don't sell us out. Here's CREDO's call campaign.
  • And the CREDO petition is here.

Join in the actions to stop Fast Track stop the TPP culminating with an Inter-Continental Day of Action on Jan. 31. Submit any information about a rally, teach-in, call-in, meeting with a member of Congress, or any other action to the Inter-Continental page and find actions near you on their map, and here, too!

Remember - “Fast Track,” otherwise known as Trade Promotion Authority, made NAFTA possible. The Baucus-Hatch-Camp “Fast Track” bill that has been introduced to Congress gives the White House the upper hand on trade d

eals not just for the TPP, but for the next four years with renewal for three, including for the proposed Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) between the 28 European Union countries and the US.

Take action now! The TPP threatens everything you care about. If you care about democracy and don’t want corporations and the global political and financial elite controlling your life – Take Action!

Fast Tracking TPP would:

✘ Enforce the secrecy of trade negotiations and keep the public, journalists, and even Congress out of the debate.

✘ Destroy livelihoods, accelerating the race to the bottom in wages and working conditions. 

✘ Further commodify agriculture, trample food sovereignty, hurt small farmers and contribute to needless migration. 

✘ Enable corporate attacks on policies to fight global warming and protect jobs and internet freedom.

✘ Decrease privacy and allow for more corporate and government suveillance.

✘ Raise drug prices and reduce access to life-saving generic drugs. 

✘ Violate the Constitution. It's Congress's job to oversee trade decisions that affect us all.