April 22- May 1 Join the Global Climate Convergence 

April 25 - Shut Down the Chamber!

April 22 - May 7: Expose the TPP

This action alert is jammed packed. Spring Actions are springing up. The movement to end corporate rule, working together for social, economic and environmental justice and peace is dynamic and growing from the local to the global community.

Here are actions you can join from April 22 to May 7:

April 22–May 1: Join the Global Climate Convergence 

The Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet  Peace over Profit has launched 

Earth Day to May Day – 10 Days to Change 

Find an event in your community here and take your signs, sing, rally: Here’s a message: I am a guardian for future generations, the planet and peace over profit.  

April 25: Shut Down the Chamber!

The Global Climate Convergence calls to Shut Down the US Chamber, notorious for blocking climate action, and since NAFTA and the WTO lobbying hard for “free” trade agreements and now for the TPP.  Here’s how to take action.  Read here how the founding of Earth Day in 1970 led Lewis Powell in 1971 to write his famous confidential memo, “Attack on American Free Enterprise System,” to a friend at the US Chamber. 

April 22–May 7: Stop Fast Track – Stop the TPP 

Now is the time! 

From about April 23–29, Pres. Obama travels to Asia and Pacific Rim TPP countries, including Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines, to try to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Meanwhile, US members of Congress are back in their districts to gear up for mid-term election campaigns.

Now is the time to:

Derail Fast Track for good and say “No” to tweaking or “sweetening” Fast Track to speed the TPP through Congress. There must be full disclosure of the text and vigorous debate.  

End expansion of the “Global Corporate Empire and Corporate Rule by ‘Free’ Trade Agreement.”

Stop “Trading Nature for Profit.”

Public Citizen’s Citizens Trade Campaign and coalition partners urge you to add your voice to the growing number of citizens and voters who are calling out their elected officials and the media to take a stand for Mother Earth and for Democracy. 

There can be no Peace and Freedom when “free” trade agreements give corporations the right to use international trade courts to have our domestic laws overturned to protect corporate profits at all cost to people, the planet and peace. 

From April 22–May 7: Every Day Take Action

Show the movement to Stop Fast Track and the TPP continues to grow stronger and louder.  Already we’ve had a huge impact!

The focus is: 

  1. On the House Democrats who have not stated they are against Fast Track. 
  2. On the mainstream media outlets that don’t cover Fast Track and the TPP. 

The Expose the TPP Campaign has a menu of actions to take in your community and beyond your community here.

April 22–25: In Your Community

During Congressional Recess:

  1. Find out whether your Representative has or has not come out against Fast Track here and choose the actions you want to take here.
  2. Find an Expose the TPP event in your community here. These events are a good time to promote TPP-Free Zones. Check out sample resolution language and updates being promoted by our friends at the Alliance for Democracy here.  
  3. Here are tips on how to “Bird-Dog” your Representative in district during recess. 
  4. Here are Activist Resources for talking points, model letters and press release, and contact information for calling and emailing your Representative. 

April 22–May 7: Beyond Your Community

Join in “Social Media Bird-Dogging" on Facebook and Twitter messaging the “Congressperson of the Day” and “News Director of the Day." There will be different targets for each day of action and many messages and memes to use. 

April 22–April 30: In Washington, DC: 

Sign the "Stop the Secrecy" petition and be part of a unique public event that is half art, half advocacy. Your name and those of other supporters will be projected onto different government buildings in Washington, DC. The size and/or number of projections will grow as the number of petition signers grows. Help make this a huge event!

May 7: Rally and Lobby Day

Led by the Communication Workers of America and hundreds of people delivering the “No Fast Track” message directly to legislators in Congress. 

It’s time to Stop the TPP and say “No” to extending global corporate rule by “free” trade agreement.

Thank you, 

Nancy Price for the Earth Democracy Issue Group

Marybeth Gardam for Corporation v. Democracy