Time to March with the People's Climate March

Nancy Price, Earth Democracy Issue Committee

Sunday, Sept. 21: Starts at 11:30 am. Here’s the march route.  

LET’S MARCH: Had it with dithering world leaders who don’t lead, environmental groups funded by dirty energy, and a UN captured by corporate interests? This march is organized in a new way: by six theme sections to tell the story of today’s climate movement in all its parts. Each theme has different contingents to illustrate that theme, and some contingents are made up of different organizations and groups that march together to illustrate their relation to that theme.

Bring your flags, banners, signs and chants. No metal or wood posts allowed.

TIME: Arrive at your contingent’s assembly point no later than 10 am. Many contingents are having mini-rallies, including Peace and Justice and Converge for System Change: People, Planet, Peace over Profit.

MEETING UP: I expect many WILPFers are coming with friends or will be meeting friends at the march. This march will be huge.  Agree ahead of time where you’ll meet and share cell phone numbers.

Here’s the line-up (scroll down the page). Everyone will line up along Central Park West from 61st  to 86th Streets. People will enter Central Park West from a side street from Columbus Avenue, one block west of Central Park West. Be sure to know what contingent you want to march with, the assembly area on Central Park West where you want to go and, therefore, the side street to use to get to that assembly point. Read what subway or bus routes are the most convenient to get you to Columbus Ave. and closet to your entry point.

 WILPF members may wish to march with the “Women” contingent in the “We Build the Future” theme (#2) or in the “We Know Who is Responsible” theme (#4) with the “Peace and Justice” or the Converge for System Change contingents.  Earth Democracy will be marching with Converge for System Change, part of the “Anti-Corporate Campaigns.” Look for us at Central Park West between 79th and 80th Street.

The NY Metro Raging Grannies will meet at 71st and Central Park West at 9:30 am and sing at the 10 am rally for the “Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free” contingent of the Theme Three group “We Have the Solutions.” This rally will be at Central Park West between 73rd and 74th Streets.

For more specific information read Frequently Asked Questions