Jane Addams Takes Train to Hull House Museum
March 10, 2015

WHAT:  As a WILPF Centennial honoring, several members from the Santa Cruz, CA., WILPF Branch are taking a life size replica of Jane Addams via The California Zephyr Amtrak train to a Hull Museum/WILPF Centennial event.


WHEN: March 10, 2015. Leaving Emeryville 9:10 am, Amtrak Station. 100th Anniversary event at Hull House Museum is March 16, 2015.


HOW:   Want to ride along? We have three ways:


1. Follow us "virtually" on the Santa Cruz WILPF Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/RIDEWITHJANE.  

2. Send your email to: ridewithjane@gmail.com and get updates as we transport Ms. Addams to Chicago. 

3. Board the train with us!


NOTE: This is a "do it yourself trip," i.e., you do the booking for train
amtrak.com/Amtrak) and hotel and return home.

Please email us at ridewithjane@gmail.com with your questions, etc.  

We would love for you to join our train ride any way you can!


Here are the "tentative" Hull House activities:

  •  Sunday, March 15, a Docent led tour of the Hull House Museum
  • Monday, March 16, Hull House in partnership with US WILPF/Nobel Women's Initiative 100th Celebration Event
  • Tuesday, March 17, "Rethinking Soup," program


*event time and location is still in planning


Let us re-imagine Jane Addams

getting ready to leave Chicago in March 1915

for the Peace Congress in the Hague!