Wednesday, January 21

Please join the National Call-In Day to Stop Fast Track and Stop the TPP.
Your call will MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Please Take Action Today to end corporate rule. Click here for more information.

Call your Representative to ask him/her to take a stand and say “No” to Fast Track and the TPP. If you need contact information, click here.  You can also email your Rep here.

The TPP is nearing completion with only a few more meetings between negotiators schedule “to iron out details.”  President Obama wants now to immediately push Fast Track through Congress and then send the TPP to Congress on Fast Track for a vote. Japanese Prime Minister Abe is due to meet with Pres. Obama in late March/April to shake hands on final deal.   

This is an urgent call to action to mobilize nationwide across all groups and constituencies.

In just a few minutes you can call your Congressperson to ask that he/she say “NO” to Fast Track so we can stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and later the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the U.S. (TTIP/TAFTA). Remember Fast Track authorization by Congress is good for five years.

We all must take immediate action to defeat Fast Track.
We must not let Congress give up their Constitutional authority to “oversee trade with foreign nations,” that locks our Congressional Representatives AND We, the People and negotiated by the United States Trade Representative along with 600 corporate lobbyists.

Remember Fast Track does not allow for regular committee hearings or for amendment on these dangerous trade bills that will seriously impact people, the planet and peace.

The TPP/TTIP will undermine the very foundation for world peace and freedom by denying basic human rights and democratic process, thereby increasing political, social, and economic instability. The impact on climate leading to increased global warming and extreme weather will be accelerated.

The TPP/TTIP provisions:

Enable transfer of wealth from public to private sectors, and puts investor rights over the rights of people, communities and nations.

Include Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) which puts corporations on equal footing with national governments, whereby foreign multinational corporations can by-pass domestic courts to sue a national government in a secret international court, claiming national laws adversely affect their profits;

Add a new “Regulatory Coherence” provision whereby each TPP country and the EU Commission under the TTIP must adjust their regulations to match provisions of the agreement, meaning many nations will be forced to lower their standards;

Accelerate global warming and extreme weather by increased long-distance transport of goods from moving jobs/manufacturing off-shore to countries with low labor, environmental and energy laws;

Use of “dirty” energy (coal, fracking, nuclear, tar sands, oil, bio-fuels) that destroy ecosystems, pollute air, land and water, and harm public health; and increase destruction of habitat leading to displacement of people and species;

Encompass most of the world’s economy and 1.5 billion people;  

Adversely impact people, families and workers by:

  • lowered safe food, agricultural and chemical use standards
  • decreased affordable generic medicine and healthcare
  • privatization and increased cost of essential public services
  • challenges to governmental purchases which support local business and national economic development
  • challenges to governmental protections for workers and consumers
  • rejecting protective bank and financial regulation