Now that the TPP negotiations are stalled, there’s a huge window of opportunity to declare your city, town or county a TPP-Free Zone

Join with WILPF’s Earth Democracy, Corporations v. Democracy, Advancing Human Rights and Disarm Issue Groups in the “We Will Not Obey” campaign of the Alliance for Democracy to pass a TPP-Free Zone Resolution in your community.

To learn more about TPP-Free Zones, please join these calls that take place every two weeks. Mark your calendar. Next calls are on Wednesday, August 19 and Thursday, August 20.

Nancy Price, Earth Democracy will be presenting.

Wednesday, August 19
The Popular Resistance: Flush the TPP
call from 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm (ET)
Here’s the registration link 

Thursday, August 20
The Global Climate Convergence

Call from 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm  (ET)
Here’s the registration link

Now with Fast Track passed, we must defeat the TPP, one of the three free trade agreements for which Pres. Obama wanted Fast Track. The other agreements are: TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the 28 countries of the EU and the US, and TiSA – the Trade in Services Agreement – also being negotiated in secret among 50 specially invited countries that will cover 90% of services and lead to extensive privatization of what remain in public hands.

This trifecta of free trade agreements is the capstone that the global, political, financial and corporate elite are using to further construct their Global Corporate Empire

These three trade agreements will make it impossible for WILPF Branches and members in collaboration with other grassroots groups to work together for local grassroots community solutions. Read here how these agreements will impact many aspects of community life: local democracy, economy, climate, jobs, city planning and zoning, and local human rights. Don’t forget that the TPP means more exports of dirty energy, more air and sea transports of imported goods, and thus more global warming and extreme weather leading to the loss of lives and property and to conflict and movement of people seeking better lives.

Now’s the time to have 100 resolutions passed by December 1. We, you, can do it together

Already 10 cities and 2 counties have passed such resolutions.

Here's the map 

Click on a pin to read each resolution text and press release. Or go to for resolutions texts, materials, and posters.

Here are some tips for getting organized:
  1. Create a strong, broad, local coalition: labor, environmental and climate, faith, and other community groups that would be affected by the TPP.
  2. Look over the resolutions at and discuss which one you think suits your town. Some just mentioned the TPP, but the TTIP and TiSA should be included as well (Richmond, CA included TiSA).
  3. These are non-binding resolutions, however the Dane County Resolution included this language: “Be It Further Resolved that if, despite the harm to our community and our nation, Congress approves the TPP, Dane County will take up an ordinance and all other necessary measures to enforce the TPP-Free Zone to the maximum extent allowed by law. We will not surrender our ability to act in the best interest of our residents, our workforce, and our local businesses and to protect our ecological systems on which all life is based.”
  4. Identify those elected officials who will support such a resolution and work with them on whatever process and procedures are required. Work with others who may not be immediately supportive to educate them and get their support. Identify who among your coalition members are the best to speak with those elected officials.
  5. Put on educational events such as a Town Hall Meeting.
  6. Start working with the press when appropriate with Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds.

If you’d like more information, pointers or want to discuss how to organize locally for a TPP-Free Zone and in particular, if your town in New England has a 2016 Town Meeting, please email me at nancytprice39 (at) and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Nancy Price