Join WILPF at California cluster meeting September 19

Hi there California WILPFers – The San Jose Branch has graciously offered to host a cluster meeting on September 19, 2015, and you’re invited!

The meeting will run from 9:30 am – 3 pm, and we’ll have lunch brought in; we’ll send out more detailed information to those of you who write back saying you can come!  It will be held at the Church of the Valley, 400 N. Winchester Blvd (cross-street Dome), in Santa Clara (right on the San Jose border).

To save time and disseminate information, please write a branch report and send it to me, Randa, in advance, so we can copy and have them to share.  We’re all interested in what everyone is doing, but the report does not need to be extensive – and send a report even or especially if you are not able to attemd!  My email is .

Our preliminary ideas for discussion are:

  • What do we want to do as follow-up to the 2014 WILPF Congress?  Follow-up to The Hague celebration?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • What should we do together about current situations?  Middle East, Nuclear, Environmental, add your own concerns.
  •  Crucially important, we need to come up with candidates for the National Board. The president and nominating committee chair will be elected in January 2016 for three years, along with replacement treasurer (1 year), program chair (2 years) and at-large member (1 year).   

If you have other issues you’d like addressed, or other thoughts on how we should structure this cluster meeting, please let us know.  Feel free to email either myself or Joan (

As soon as we hear from you, we’ll send out more detailed information. Space is limited, so we need to know how many are planning to attend.

The room is only costing us $125 for the day, which includes cleaning; again, when we find out how many people and branches can participate, we’ll divvy that up and let you know how much your branch could contribute.

Joan Bazar from the San Jose branch has generously agreed to be the contact; you can call her with questions at her home:  408 243 4359, or call her on her cell ONLY on the 19th if you need directions or help:  408 505 7605.

Cluster meetings are always fun!!  Just meeting each other is wonderful, but the pleasure of being with our sisters across the state to delve into our own issues is tremendous.  We hope you can join us :) 

Thanks, Randa Solick (Santa Cruz branch), Joan Bazar (San Jose branch).