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October 2013 WILPF-US eNews

We invite WILPF-US Branches and Issue Committees to send articles along for inclusion in WILPF eNews, published in the first week of each month. To find out more, please email newsletter@wilpf.org.

Table of Contents

September 2: A Great Day for Nuclear Disarmament

Bylaws are Our Friends

Actions for October 8 and Beyond

Des Moines Branch Symposium

Democracy Convention Recap

September 2: A Great Day for Nuclear Disarmament

By Carol Urner, DISARM/End Wars with Reaching Critical Will


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On September 26 US President Obama did not attend the United Nations summit on nuclear weapons disarmament as so many in the peace community have been urging him to do. The USA did launch an (unarmed) Minuteman III nuclear missile on that very same day despite our efforts to halt the test . But all in all it was a wonderful week at the United Nations as we moved closer to the nuclear weapons abolition which we seek. May we continue building momentum  now that October has begun. Read more . . .

Bylaws Are Our Friends

By the WILPF-US National Board ad hoc Bylaws Committee

As WILPF-US members come together in various ways, we are looking to define a vision and structure for the future. Two current venues are the regional meetings and the Membership Development Committee conference calls. Another, working along with these processes, is the ongoing work of the National Board ad hoc Bylaws Committee. Originally organized by the board and composed of long-time and newer general members and board members with an interest in promoting good governance to encourage a thriving activist membership, the Bylaws Committee is soliciting member input and questions on the Bylaws Discussion Board located on this website and via email (send those emails to bylawreview@wilpf.org). Read more . . .

Actions for October 8 and Beyond

By the Corporations v Democracy Issue Committee

The US Supreme Court is scheduled to hear Opening Arguments on Tuesday, Oct. 8th in the case of McCutcheon v the FEC.  This case provides the next extension of the Citizens United case, allowing the pro-corporate Court the opportunity to rule in favor of Shaun McCutcheon, an Alabama billionaire who supports conservative candidates.  McCutcheon has claimed that the $123,000 limit on individual contributions to candidates is an infringement of his First Amendment rights.  If the Court agrees, it will threaten campaign finance law and the delicate balance of power that keeps our form of government working. Read more . . .

Des Moines Branch Symposium

By Sandra Jennings, Des Moines Branch, WILPF-US

The Des Moines Branch is planning a symposium Oct. 19 to further their studies into what is planned for food production in the future. This event will be tied closely with the Food Prize awards given that week.

They are planning this event to stress how important working for a Democratic Food System is increasingly crucial.

The plenary speaker will be Francis Moore Lappé as well as other authorities on food studies. For more information, contact Sandra Jennings at (515) 619-9174 or by email at elbosandy@yahoo.com.

Democracy Convention Recap

By Nancy Price, Earth Democracy Issue Group Member and Emily Busam, WILPF-US Summer Intern 

WILPF US co-convened the Earth Democracy Conference at the Democracy Convention, Madison, WI, Aug. 7-11. The major theme was that we need to urgently collaborate nationally and internationally to build a global movement for People, Peace and the Planet, based on the principle of Guardianship for Future Generations and on human, civil, labor and earth rights not corporate rights that will lead to green economic transformation. The Earth Democracy session videos are available to watch hereYou can also view videos from the conference on the Alliance for Democracy YouTube channel.

At the Convention, WILPF members had the honor of meeting young poets and their teachers at the afternoon session titled “When Inquiry & Collaboration Take On Earth Justice in Elementary and High School Classrooms,” organized by Susan Freiss, Madison WILPF, with two teacher colleagues. These young Third Grade poets channeled their creativity and enthusiasm for the oceans into a book of poetry entitled A New Thought on Blue: An Ocean Poem AnthologyRead more . . . 

JACBA 2013 Book Orders

By Linda Belle, Executive Director JAPA

For 60 years branches have donated award winning JACBA books to local schools and libraries. Find this year's order form here.

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