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October 2013 WILPF-US eNews

WILPF-US is always busy . . . working toward its mission to create the peaceful transformation they wish to see in the world. WILPF envisions a transformed world at peace, where there is racial, social, and economic justice for all people everywhere—a world in which:

  • The needs of all people are met in a fair and equitable manner
  • All people equally participate in making the decisions that affect them
  • The interconnected web of life is acknowledged and celebrated in diverse ways and communities
  • Human societies are designed and organized for sustainable existence

This month, we bring you Des Moines Branch's work toward a democratic food system and its efforts to to stop poisoning of our food system and end the use GMOs. We also seek your input on the proposed manifesto for WILPF's next 100 years. DISARM/End Wars continues its work on abolishing nuclear weapons and the nuclear chain and gives its monthly update. We also have a special update from the International Secretariat. And finally, we invite you to view the "WILPF: 100 Years Forward" website and give your feedback and ideas. We urge you to take the time to read through each article, and also to consider how you can get involved. 

Speaking of getting involved, WILPF is seeking a Centennial Coordinator! 

The Centennial Coordinator will serve as the focal point in building U.S. support for and interest in the “Women’s Power to End War” campaign. The campaign involves social movement building, planning for a WILPF international congress and centennial celebrations around the world, culminating in an international conference of major proportions where women will create a new agenda for world peace. For more information on this contract position, visit the Work for WILPF page.

We invite WILPF-US Branches and Issue Committees to send articles along for inclusion in WILPF eNews, published in the first week of each month. To find out more, please email newsletter@wilpf.org.

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Table of Contents

Working for a Democratic Food System

Give Your Feedback on WILPF Proposed Manifesto for the Next 100 Years

November Progress Report on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, the Nuclear Industry, and Ending Endless War

Update from International Secretariat

WILPF: 100 Years Forward

Working for a Democratic Food System

by Mary Hanson Harrison, Des Moines Branch


In our earth, in our bodies and on our plates, the direction of agri-culture is a crucible for determining our ability to survive and thrive on our planet. During the 4th week of October 2013, WILPF Des Moines Branch led the call, with many other organizations joining in, for our chemical-laden agri-industrial complex to stop the poisoning of our food system and end the use GMOs.

Why us, why now? The World Food Prize Organization, headquartered in Des Moines, presents an annual international award recognizing “individuals who have advanced human development in improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.” Founded by Norman Borlaug and his idea of a “Green Revolution” for combating world hunger and poverty, the World Food Prize (WFP) is now in the hands of Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Syngenta Foundation, and other like-minded agri-industries and organizations. The three recipients this year are pioneers in biotechnology; one is the chief technology officer for Monsanto (see attached Rekha Basu article). Read more . . .

Photos, left to right: Marybeth Gardam, WILPF-US, recipient 6th Annual Strong Feisty Woman Award; Njoki Njoroge Njehu, Director, Solidarity African Network in Action, Kenya; Frances Moore Lappé, noted author and environmentalist

Bottom left photo: Diane Krell, Marybeth Gardam, and Deb Vanko, a Des Moines WILPF member who organized the DEVIL MASK protest against Monsanto

Give Your Feedback on WILPF Proposed Manifesto for the Next 100 Years

by Cynthia Cockburn (built on Committee work started at Bolivia Congress)

WILPF International wants your feedback on this proposed manifesto for WILPF in the next 100 years! The manifesto was compiled by Cynthia Cockburn and Cynthia’s letter introduces its content and proposed format and asks that you send along your suggestions for changes, additions or deletions. Please send comments directly to Catia Confortini (catiacc@gmail.comwho, as WILPF-US Representative to the International Board is in charge of summarizing members’ responses and forwarding them to the convener of the Political Content working group for our 2015 Congress. Read more . . .

November Progress Report on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, the Nuclear Industry, and Ending Endless War

by Carol Urner, Co-Chair, DISARM/End Wars Issue Committee

Ray Acheson, Director, Reaching Critical Will

In November, as we approach the end of our 2013 campaign to abolish nuclear weapons by 2020, we close with a progress report. We believe we have built solid foundations for our continuing work on ridding our world of these most monstrous and immoral of weapons. We are supporting Mayors for Peace resolutions and specific legislation in Congress, all of which call for abolition by 2020. We will again have an opportunity to go to Congress with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability in the spring and from April 28 to May 12 the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Prep Com will again be at the United Nations in New York. If our own national leaders prove obdurate we will support those working for a ban treaty.

Our members and branches will continue seeking abolition of the nuclear industry that has grown up around nuclear weapons including nuclear power, uranium mining, and transport of high level liquid waste. Our primary purpose, as always, is to end war itself. Read a brief report on what lies ahead in November on the nuclear industry, drones, and ending wars here. Read more . . .

Update from International Secretariat

Dear IB members and Sections,

There have been many exciting, new developments that the International Secretariat would like to share with you. 

For the first time ever, WILPF International Secretariat has created an Annual Report providing an overview of the major activities and events of our three programmes and our MENA Agenda 1325 Project.

It features interviews with a diverse array of WILPF members and provides an overview of Sections’ work for the year.

We are very proud of our Annual Report for 2012, be sure to check it out! You can also find it on the website, where you also will find the audits for 2012. Read more . . . 

WILPF: 100 Years Forward

Dear Members,

We want your input and ideas for our next 100 years! Please visit the website referenced below. There, you will find the vision and goals created by our four break-out groups during our September retreat. They are Program, Finance and Development, Communications, and Personnel. We were told to think big- focus on our hopes and dreams for WILPF-US. Our break out group visions and goals are meant to function as a working document. Nothing about this has been set in stone. Everything is open for debate and new ideas. The details will come later, now is the time to create our shared future.

It is our hope that all WILPF-US members will help shape our future by contributing. We also hope that regional and branch meetings will take the time to discuss and contribute to this collaboration. When commenting, think about all of the great promise WILPF has and the big picture ways you hope WILPF will thrive in the next 100 years.

Please take the time to share your comments. In order to prevent spam, comments will be moderated, and may take one to two days to post. If there are any problems using this site, please let us know.

Let’s make history!

To learn more, visit the WILPF: 100 Years Forward site.

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