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Toll a bell 11 times at 11 am on Nov. 11 to mark the promise of Armistice Day for an end to war. Learn about seven exciting projects just awarded WILPF minigrants. Check out the wealth of materials from the recent Triennial Congress. Apply to join in activities at the Commission on Status of Women in NYC.

Ending WarsEnding wars and gender violence
November is our month to concentrate on non-violence and on ending both war and gender violence. First comes November 11, ringing bells and joining Veterans for Peace in reclaiming Armistice Day... Read more >>>

Minigrants awarded to seven WILPF projects
Seven minigrants have been awarded for this funding period, four to Branches and three to Issue Committees. It is time to be thinking ahead about how a grant might help you to grow WILPF. The next deadline is February 1, 2015...

UN in NYCTwo programs at UN in NYC in March
WILPF US will be sending a delegation of women to the 59th Commission on the Status of Women March 7-15, 2015 in New York City as part of WILPF’s UN Practicum in Advocacy and the Local to Global Program. Deadline for both programs is November 20, 2014... Read more >>


Safe FoodHuman Right to Health and Safe Food
As Guardians of Future Generations, it’s time to assert our right to a safe environment and food. Together, let’s carry out the Resolution passed at Congress to invoke the Precautionary Principle and assert that the chemical/agricultural complex has no right to harm our health... Read more >>


Jane AddamsBranch to celebrate Jane Addams and Centennial
At our annual meeting Santa Cruz WILPF decided to focus for a year on Jane Addams and the Centennial of WILPF -2015. The concept is to connect in a wide variety of ways with 100 years of our WILPF history, and confront the “now what?” as a Jane Addams replica appears all over town to be interviewed about the here and now of WILPF... Read more >>


Resources for DisarmamentResources from 2014 Congress!
Even those WILPFers who attended the 2014 Congress this summer could not attend all of the 35 workshops over two very crowded days. But all of us can benefit from the many materials available for download at www.bit.ly/wilpfcongress... Read more >>


Resources for DisarmamentPhiladelphia honors Prison Radio director
The Greater Philadelphia Branch on October 18 presented the Peace and Justice Dove Award to Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio. ... Read more >>



A birthday party and $100 gifts
St. Louis Branch has launched a campaign to ask members to donate $100 for WILPF’s 100 years or as much as they can afford... Read more >>

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