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Moving from Hope to Action
January 2015

The New Year opens with WILPF US board elections, reopening of US-Cuba relations, and examples of activism inspired by hope for an environment safe from pollution and nuclear weapons. US Section members will participate in the UN Commission on the Status of Women in March and the Centennial events in April.

Ending WarsMembers to vote on board and bylaws change
READY, SET, VOTE!!! Our membership direct vote for national board positions (2015 Term) is under way. Ballots should be received by all members in good standing within the next few weeks and must be returned with a postmark no later than February 11. Read more >>


UN in NYCWILPF hails renewal of US-Cuba relations
The Cuba and Bolivarian Alliance Issues Committee celebrates our peoples’ victory and commends President Barack Obama in reestablishing diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba governments and the release of the remaining members of the Cuban Five, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labanino and Gerardo Hernandez. Read more >>


Safe Food16 to attend UN Status of Women programs
Women from five WILPF Branches will participate in the Local2Global program at the Commission on the Status of Women March 7-15. They will be joined by 11 university students taking part in the Practicum on Advocacy. Read more >>


Safe FoodHonoring Jane, Emily, Elise, Dorothy, Kay
Selecting five women to honor at The Hague was a daunting task. However, after deliberations and voting concluded in December, the five US women to be honored at the anniversary celebration are Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch, Elise Boulding, Dorothy Detzer and Kay Camp. Read more >>


Jane AddamsFrom hope to action as guardians of the future
“Hope is something you do, not something you have.” Joanna Macy. Randa Solick’s inspiring report on the 2014 Women’s Congress for Future Generations and Hattie Nestel’s video interviews of people organizing against the gas pipeline exemplify hope turned to action. Read more >>


Resources for DisarmamentTime to abolish nuclear weapons
A New Year begins with New Years Resolutions. Let’s resolve in 2015 to use our power as committed WILPF women to abolish nuclear weapons and to end all wars! And let’s work to make it so! Read more >>



Resources for DisarmamentStop expanding and arming NATO
During 2015 our WILPF Disarm/End Wars members will be watching closely the actions of NATO, which is rapidly expanding into an aggressive global military alliance. NATO can lead us into a new Cold War -- or plunge us into Hot Wars, or into nuclear holocaust either by accident or design. Read more >>


Next mini-grant deadline is February 1
The next mini-grant deadline is February 1. There are three mini-grant periods per year. You can apply for up to $2500. Grants are made to Branches and to Issue Committees. Branches receive the funds up front. Issue Committees are reimbursed. To apply, send your request by email to Barbara WestSee details here.

Resources for DisarmamentCall for action on trafficking at Super Bowl
Use your January renewed energy to prepare and to take action locally as part of the national campaign, “Intercept Human Trafficking” around football’s Super Bowl! Demonstrating, leafleting, writing letters to the editor will all help get the word out. Read more >>


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