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February 2015

As Latin American nations seek nuclear disarmament, the US president requests a boost in military funding. WILPF activists prepare to protest drones in March, others don black on the Citizens United anniversary. Personal stories bring home the perils of a gas pipeline in Massachusetts and DDT use in Iowa. Advancing Human Rights pays tribute to Lucinda Tate with an education fund.  Introducing our Calendar and a guide on ways to celebrate the Centennial (and raise funds)!

Latin America takes path to peace
January ended on a hopeful note for both abolition of nuclear weapons and ending war as the 33 nations of Latin America and the Caribbean reaffirmed their commitment to their region as a zone of peace. But February opened with President Obama submitting the largest US base military budget in history. Read more >>


Shut down Creech drone base March 4-6
Join WILPF and other peace groups March 4-6 to protest drone warfare at Creech Air Force Base near Las Vegas in a mass mobilization to stop drone wars and directly confront US militarism. We are expecting hundreds of people at this non-violent direct action. Read more >>


Taking back our democracy
We donned black garments and black veils and went down to the capitol to mourn the loss of our democracy on January 21, the fifth anniversary of the Citizens United ruling giving corporations First Amendment rights of free speech. Read more >>


Story-telling connects personal to community
Earth Democracy’s Hattie Nestel posts videos of people telling how a gas pipeline would devastate their property and community, and Mary Hanson-Harrison joins St. Louis Branch members at Monsanto’s annual shareholder meeting to tell her family’s story of devastating health impacts from toxic chemicals. Read more >>


Safe FoodConfronting ‘chemical war’ on the world
WILPF US President Mary Hanson-Harrison told a rally outside the Monsanto shareholders’ meeting January 30 about growing up on an Iowa dairy farm where her parents, brother and sister were victims of diseases associated with DDT. Read more >>


Jane AddamsIn Memoriam: Lucinda L. Tate 1946 – 2015
In honor of the lifelong contributions of Lucinda Tate, her WILPF sisters announce plans for the establishment of the Lucinda L. Tate Human Rights Education Fund. Memorial services will take place in Portland, Oregon February 28. Read more >>


Jane AddamsFilms, dance to open a year of celebrations
Films and discussions – plus Isadora Duncan stories in a living history dance performance – will kick off the Sacramento-Sierra Foothills Branch’s 100th birthday plans. The events begin in Women’s History Month and continue through the year. Read more >>


Resources for DisarmamentRead it now – Guide to celebrations!
A lively guide to activities for celebrating WILPF’s 100th anniversary is now online and ready to put into practice. Read more >>



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