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April 2015

This month you can tune into events as they happen in The Hague, wave farewell to nuclear weapons, review WILPF’s report on US human rights, give feedback on the inclusion of Hamas in peace talks, campaign for food safety, become an earth guardian and more!

Join WILPF at The Hague
Breaking news: The opening of the Conference April 27 will be broadcast live on Democracy Now! and the entire Conference April 27-29 will be audio streamed in partnership with Voice Republic starting at 10 am CET.  Read more >>



International Water DayWave goodbye to nukes in April
April is WILPF’s hundredth birthday. Let’s join the rest of the world in waving goodbye to nukes as one of the best birthday presents ever. And keep the birthday celebration going – check out the calendar of events.Read more >>



US Human RightsWILPF reports on US human rights
Testifying before UN diplomats in Geneva on April 8, Melissa Torres and Maria Maraver, director of WILPF International Human Rights Program, reviewed human rights omissions and violations in a pre-session of the UPR. Read more >>


Hamas GuideNext steps for reviewing Hamas guide
Copies of Hamas at the Middle East Peace Table: Why? by Barbara Taft and Ellen Rosser, have gone out to branches. Read more >>



Safe Food CampaignBig win for stand on glyphosate’s toxicity
WILPF took a strong position on glyphosate months ago. It was a bit of a leap of faith, because causal evidence is hard to get. But now we stand on firm ground! Read more >>



Progress on Earth Progress on Earth guardianship campaign
The Santa Cruz Earth Democracy Team is making progress on Guardianship of Future Generations and the Precautionary Principle. We would like to know what other branches and members are working on for Earth Democracy. Read more >>


Jane AddamsUpdate on anti-drone protests
Bonnie Block from Madison, WI, was found guilty April 1 of trespassing at the Volk Field (WI) open house for handing out leaflets with four questions about drone warfare. A protest at Creech AFB in California led to 34 arrests earlier this year. Read more >>

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