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June 2015

As the message of women's power to stop war goes to Korea and Russia, members of the US Section are sharing the inspiration of the Centennial across the country. Opportunities abound at the US Social Forum to work on eliminating the economic causes of war.

US Social ForumSign up for US Social Forum
This year’s US Social Forum will draw participants from around the US to Philadelphia and San Jose for several days of movement building. Advance registration closes June 19.


Women's Power to Stop WarUsing our power to stop war
Acting on the theme Women’s Power to Stop War, Nobel laureates led a walk across the DMZ in Korea, and US Section members back from the events in The Hague are carrying the powerful message to branches around the country. Read more >>


Ban nuclear weaponsIt's time to ban nuclear weapons
During ANA "DC Days," Representatives John Lewis and Raul Grijalva agreed to co-sponsor HR-1976, the only bill in US Congress calling for abolition of nuclear weapons. WILPF members are urged to help find more co-sponsors, especially in the Progressive Caucus. Read more >>


Walk for water rightsJuly 4-10: Walk for water rights
Kim Redigan, WILPF member living in Detroit, is working with community members to plan a 68-mile walk from Detroit to Flint, Michigan calling for an end to water shut-offs in Detroit and for clean, affordable water in both cities. Read more >>


Protecting Mother EarthProtecting Mother Earth in NC
In North Carolina, Lib Hutchby and John Wagner of our Earth Democracy Issue Group, along with other Triangle Branch members and in broad coalition with other groups, have been focused on protecting Mother Earth as Guardians of Future Generations. Read more >>


Branches RoundupBranches Roundup
WILPF’s Centenary featured in a Memorial Day commemoration in Boston, a member’s celebration of 59 years of activism in San Jose and a three-generation family in Sacramento. Read more >>



Citizen diplomatsCitizen diplomats go to Russia
Our Citizen Diplomacy Group led by Sharon Tennison, creator of the Center for Citizen Initiatives, is in Russia to meet with citizens in four cities to learn and to build relationships to work for reconciliation. Read more >>



WILPF oral historiesHear WILPF oral histories online
Hear for yourself the inspiring stories and voices of more than 90 of our WILPF (and Women Strike for Peace) sisters, interviewed in the 1980s by the Women’s Peace Oral History project. Read more >>



Sha'an MouliertLyndon College honors Sha'an Mouliert
Sha’an Mouliert, a Vermont community organizer, educator, and artist, received the Lyndon State College Presidential Medal of Freedom during commencement ceremonies. Read more >>



World Beyond WarNew resource from World Beyond War
World Beyond War, which has been endorsed by WILPF US, WILPF International and several WILPF sections, has recently published A Global Security System: An Alternative to War. Read more >>



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