Climate Justice+Women+Peace Project

How Are Climate Justice, Women and Peace Interconnected?

Global warming and climate change are being “fueled” by the U.S. and global political, financial, and corporate elite – the 1% – that put profits ahead of human rights,  the rights of nature, the common good and the rights of small businesses and local economies.  

The corporate capitalist system that prioritizes profits/money over people and the planet results in environmental degradation and ecological collapse, and creates resource conflicts, water and food shortages, and extreme weather events – all of which lead to human rights abuses and  refugee crises.

Trade Agreements are now the tool transnational corporations use to challenge and erode national sovereignty, democracy and community rights.  The new trifecta of trade agreements – the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (TTIP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) -  are really the next stage in global corporate rule by “free” trade agreement under which we all lose.

We, the people of Earth, must work together
to oppose these trade agreements which are devastating

for the planet, worker rights, economic justice
and which replace participatory democracy with unbridled corporate influence
and rule by the corporate, financial and political elite.

Because War is So Profitable…

Global warming and climate change are also being fueled by an economy that depends on military solutions to conflicts, instead of non-violent conflict resolution and peace negotiations. 

On-going violence and conflict increases profits for the military-industrial corporate complex.  At the same time, the need for raw materials increases and perpetuates  the cycle of resource conflict, environmental destruction and local food and water insecurity that creates the conditions leading to refugee flight. 

The military is one of the highest CO2 emitters, but their emissions are generally not included in global CO2 estimates. Additionally, carbon pollution from international shipping and flights is not counted as greenhouse gas emissions in the COP 21 Paris Climate Agreement. 

Because Women Bear the Burden and Those Most Affected Have the Least Voice & Power

Women, Indigenous People, the poor of all nations, and people of color bear the most dramatic burdens of climate change and, to date, have struggled to have their voices heard and had the least amount of power to impact climate policy.   

Their voices must be heard and their demands part of the policy debate and solutions. 

We cannot just wait for those in government,  the military or the corporate sector to provide the kind of responses needed right now  in time to save the planet and the ecosystems on which all life depends for our children and grandchildren,

Today corporate influence, unregulated money in political campaigns, and corruption hobble the democratic process not just in the US, but across the globe.

We are already seeing the impact of the “perfect storm” of multiple crises:

  • endless cycles of war and violent conflict
  • unprecedented immigrant and refugee crises
  • dramatic increase in human trafficking and wage slavery
  • weakened environmental regulations
  • catastrophic droughts, floods and super-storms, rising sea levels
  • food and water shortages 
  • melting of the Greenland and other glaciers, and Arctic and Antarctic ice
  • shift in the Atlantic Ocean Gulf Stream
  • small business rights being rejected  in favor of corporate rights  
  • watered-down labor rights
  • huge government subsidies that prop up the fossil fuel and military economy while denying investment for green renewable sustainable energy and jobs.  

Our very future is at stake

The continued existence of a sustainable life for all humans on the planet.

What is needed to meet the economic, social, and environmental emergency we face today is not more of the same … or tinkering around the edges … but real “system change” to create sustainable solutions for people & the planet.

This WILPF US CLIMATE JUSTICE+WOMEN+PEACE  project provides tools needed for educating organizing and for building the ‘movement of movements’ by networking and uniting allies.

Listen to Women …  for a Change


Our new Infographic Card, the first item of this Tool Kit, is now available. 


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Together we can build the movement of movements!

These educational  materials can contribute to better understanding how these issues are interconnected  and the organizing tools can offer WILPF members and branches a way to reach out to and work with allied environmental, food security, women’s and human rights, refugee and immigration, human trafficking, peace, pro-democracy, and fair trade organizations.

A study guide to facilitate community discussion on the interconnectedness of

Climate Justice+Women+Peace and to support peaceful activism will be posted here by March, 2016.  



This project combines the perspectives of four of WILPF US Issue Committees  - Advancing Human Rights,  Corporations v. Democracy, Disarm and Earth Democracy – collaborating to highlight the interconnectedness of Climate Justice, Women and Human Rights, and PEACE. 

Connecting Economic Justice and Human Rights to the Roots of War since 1915.


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