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Hamas at the Middle East Peace Table

Copies of the Hamas booklet by Barbara Taft and Ellen Rosser, have gone out to branches, and you can read it here or order copies from the national office at $5 each.

Barbara Taft and Ellen Rosser

The committee’s first action item is for all branches and allies to read the booklet, discuss its contents and, once you are familiar with it, help us to get it out to other individuals and groups. We also need to get it to our members of Congress, using personal delivery as our main methodology, either to local or D.C. offices, with feedback to us so that we know which offices have been contacted. Contact the co-authors with questions:
Barbara Taft  beejayssite@yahoo.com
Ellen Rosser   ellen.rosser@gmail.com

Barbara Taft and Ellen Rosser (l to r), authors of WILPF’s new Hamas booklet, chat at the Detroit Congress. Credit, Joan Bazar

Statements and Action Alerts:

The Middle East Issue Committee examines the role of U.S. policy in the dynamics of current Middle East conflicts, specifically the Israel-Palestine conflict. It educates communities to policy dimensions seldom discussed regarding Palestine and Israel, and movement toward a nuclear-free Middle East.  What economic interests underlie the power struggles in the region? What U.S. policy changes will diminish violence and promote justice? The Middle East Committee works to bridge gaps, to engage diverse groups in developing a women's vision for U.S. foreign policy, and to join women in the region to claim the promise of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1325 that women's active participation can bring peaceful, democratic resolution to conflicts.

Odile Hugonot Haber: odilehh@gmail.com

Barbara Taft: beejayssite@yahoo.com, (480) 380 6325

More coming soon!